Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Got it ALL Wrong!

Mr Weatherman,
Excuse me!! Hey you got it all wrong!  Last night you you said a light "frizzle"(that's freezing drizzle) and a little bit of snow to follow... MAYBE an inch!  Awesome I can deal with that.  However, I was not happy to wake up and find this:
A frozen solid sheet of ice?  Really? Oh I got it... the weather pattern changed... ohhhhh we got rain last night.  Yup that doesn't go good with 17 degree weather. *SIGH* 

The cool thing is - no school.  This will give Kobi a little more of this:

She can rest all day and be ready for tomorrow. 

Good thing I watch the news though.... the schools emergency phone call stating school was closed, well it came AFTER we would have left for school. Better late than never I guess.

We have to get out this afternoon to get to the dentist.  Thank goodness he is not to far away.  The best part of the day is I did this last night:

So Yeah for supper being complete already!


Samantha said...

Oh I am so sick of this Winter Weather. The mountains around here are suppose to be getting the snow, and we're supposed to be getting rain. Let's hope they're right. I am sick of snow!

Brandy@YDK said...

We have snow here covering the solid layer of ice. Fun. Dinner looks delish