Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It’s been a while since I have made it to work around 7am. My office is on the East side of the building, so this is my view when I get there in time to catch it.

2011 has started off just fine. Everyone seems to be making, resolutions, goals, or rules…. I am not big on resolutions or goals for New Years. I live with a teenage daughter. My goal is to survive and come out on top of the situation (whatever it may be that day, hour, minute). It’s just how I roll these days…

Looking back, on 2010… I did enjoy it. 2010 was a good year. I think. It definitely was a crazy year!

The hubs had surgery on his foot and was off work for a while during the summer. On the flip side, he did get disability pay AND we got a lot of free time at the lake in the RV with family and friends.

Kobi volunteered to work at a church camp this summer for a few weeks. Her job was helping take care of staff’s children. She loved it. Well, maybe not the day that she got poo’d on….

I went through surgery on my jaw…. Still recovering, but doing well. I wish that there was some sort of miracle grow for hair to make it grow faster…. I am tired of my short hair cut. Maybe by this time next year my hair will be grown out past my ears.

Kobi’s braces came off. That was great. Done with braces for good I hope. Between her and I, there have been monthly trips and checks to the orthodontist for a good 4 years now. Breaking up is hard to do, but I will enjoy the extra money each month. OH WAIT…. No I won’t. That money went to Kobi’s car. What was I thinking?

Lasik surgery was also part of the line up in 2010. I would recomend it to anyone. It is AMAZING!

OK, so I guess 2010 wasn't so bad after all.... Hope 2011 is just great!


Pennie said...

Great view! What a thing to see first thing when you get to work!
I remember when you blogged about your jaw surgery...that really stuck with me. I thought about you a lot after that. Glad you got back in touch! Here's to a great 2011! Happy New Year, Chell!

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm still so jealous of your lasik. I NEED it. just wish I could afford it.