Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty Weekend

First going to start off by saying.... if easily offended.... please don't continue!  Just saying...

I love the Oklahoma wind on recycle days.  Because there are not lids on the recycle containers, the stuff blows all around when it is set out to the curb. ALSO, how smart would it be for people to put the paper and lighter things at the bottom of the tote?  Every Monday I have to pick up other peoples trash recycled goods out of our yard. Today is a holiday.  There is no trash service.  Many people have still set their stuff out to the curb. If they leave it there until Wednesday, the re-scheduled day.... the bins may be pretty empty and half the recyclables will be gone... blown away.  Blown into my yard. When I went to clean the trash from our yard.... I found this.  

I am guessing SOMEONE had a crafty weekend!