Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Give me a BREAK!

I NEED A BREAK! Really Seriously I do! I am so stressed out over family stuff and it’s not even funny! OK now that I have that off my chest, I can resume to normal.

A few things I want to mention though that I am excited or HAPPY about:

  • I have a wonderful hubby that not only helps out around the house… but he does so many extra projects. He just finished a double gate on the side of the house and will be tearing out a computer room/office that we have had for a few years. We need that 3rd car garage fully opened up.

  • My child is doing REALLY good in High School! She actually comes home happy and does homework. She even likes her teachers! She is back to making good grades. Last year was SO rough!

  • I sold some stuff on ebay! WOOT WOOT Made a little extra to add to my pay for my CPA exam that is way too expensive fund!

  • I am hosting a Scentsy/Premier Jewelry Party in the beginning of October. YEAH! Two of my favorite things, jewelry and scentsy! I also love making tons of food and the entertaining my friends part...

  • It is Fall! I am going to climb up in the attic this weekend and search for all my fall/Halloween decorations.

  • I am also so happy the way Big Brother turned out!! I am glad that Jordan won. I was so not liking some of the others, you know the ones that are obviously jealous. I think she made the correct move bay taking Natalie to the end. I think Kevin would have won if he would have made it to the final two. Although, he really didn't do any more than Jordan did...except tell lies and back stab. But hey, that is what the game seems to be all about. My one vice is over... I am now away from the TV.(well except for some football)

Lastly I am going to tell you about a giveaway on another blog. Go visit the blog of her southern charm . She is having a Cambria Cove $100 Giveaway. This stuff is so awesome you must go look!


Rayli said...

was it hard to sell on ebay? I really wanna try. What did you sell?

Chell said...

Hmmmm Rayli, I will make that my next post later this afternoon :) It is really not hard to do...