Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lessons Learned

I have learned many lessons today:

1- ALWAYS MAKE BACK UPS of everything on the computer.

2- While talking on the phone and trying to work, 1 +2 = 4

3- Do NOT eat hot tamales when you have a jaw problem.

4- To many hot tamales at one time will stick your teeth together and make you break out in a sweat.

5- DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT make a trip to the doctor until flu season is over.... unless necessary. IT is TOTAL CHAOS with all the flu cases!

6- I secretly enjoy giving my child NASTY TASTING medicines when she is sick. If she takes them, then I know she is not faking.

7- Flu tests can come back negative, even if you have the flu.

8- You can have H1N1, with a negative flu test.

9- H1N1 flu tests must be sent out to be done and you don't know results for 24 hours.

10- My daughter loves the fact that the doctor quarantined her to her bedroom.

11- K also loves the fact she gets to be waited on hand and foot and get meals in her room.

12- I also found out today that 6 prescriptions can add up fast!

13- I have had so many MRIs done in the past two months, that they knew me at the MRI place when I had to schedule another.

14- I can not blow good. (not to be taken the wrong way, read on to lesson 15)

15- Using an inhaler tastes ICKY!

Yes I have learned alot today. If you can't read between the lines, today I helped retrieve information that was not backed up, from a computer that had crashed. I had a hard day at work, trying to do the mommy duty and make phone calls to school and doctors. I tried to relieve my stress with hot tamales and well that ended up bad. I had to take K to the doctor, she started getting sick last night with a sore throat and has gone down hill fast. They have her on 6 different meds now and have quarantined her to her room and her own bathroom until the H1N1 tests come back tomorrow evening. They are hoping she just has an upper respiratory problem, but not for sure. I went to the doctor today also with a sore jaw. I have been told before it was only a matter of time that I would have issues with my jaw. I am now having an MRI on my jaw. Grrrr. I also complained that my allergy meds were not working and I had a tightness in my chest. The doctor gave me a peak flow meter and well, I couldn't blow in it hard enough to get it up to the 250-550 range. 10 minutes and 3 shots of an inhaler later, I made it up to about 225.

I hope I have a stupid day tomorrow and I don't learn as much as I did today!



jessicabold said...

Computers that crash...suck. We just replaced the hard drive in our current POS for the FOURTH TIME.

My husband is TERRIFIED of getting H1N1. TERRIFIED.

I've never had the flu...or a flu shot. Coincidence? No idea...


Samantha said...

I have never had the flu or a flu shot. Last year, Bree got half of a flu shot and she got so sick, I refused to go and get the other half. She rarely gets sick, so I knew it was the shot. I don't think the H1N1 is as big as they want us to believe. Thousands and thousands of people die from regular seasonal flu every year. Why don't hear about those people though. Oh well. I hate those days where you have to learn so much. Makes you want to stay in bed and never leave!