Monday, September 28, 2009


I have been messing around so much in the evenings with my digital scrapbook stuff, that I so kind of forgot to post in here! I am a faithful reader each day.... just not a faithful poster.

I am now official. Officially scared out of my mind that is…. I recently completed my Master of Accounting and Financial Management. What does that mean? It means that now it is time to take the 4 exams to become a CPA. OOOOHHHHHHH MMMYYYYYY! First I had to apply to become and applicant.  That came back and then I had to apply to take a test. I am now waiting for the “coupon” to come in so I can pay for that test and schedule it. These four tests are the mother of all tests. Of course while I was in school the tests also increased in price. With back to school, birthdays and holidays coming up, *big sigh* I am having a hard time saving for these tests. Did I mention every time I send in an application or apply to take a test it is $50 on top of the cost of the test?
I have been trying to come up with different ideas to raise the extra money…. I think I have decided I am going to become a consultant for scentsy. But I have to invest $100 or so to get that started. Another thing I have been doing is listing items on eBay.
eBay is ok, but it really can be a pain sometimes. I have been selling stuff on eBay for over 10 years. I have purchased a lot lately on eBay, but had not sold. Things have sure changed. If you want to start selling stuff on eBay, here is a list (yes I love making lists) of helpful hints.

• Only accept Paypal as a form of payment.
• Take good pictures and post VERY accurate descriptions.
• Make sure what you are selling is easily shipped.
• I wouldn’t suggest shipping outside the US.
• Look at other auctions and items that are similar to the ones you are selling. See what they are charging for shipping. When I first started, Priority was so cheap, not so much anymore.
• Always send with delivery confirmation. This way you can track the package after it has shopped.
• Try to ship your items the same day or day after payment is received. People get cranky when they have to wait for their stuff.
• eBay has a simple fill in the blank formats to create your auction. I would suggest you add the listing designer to your page. There are many to choose from.
• Put as many key words in your title as possible. This will help bring your item up in searches.

And now, as I type this I am remembering that over the weekend I forgot to list the remaining 4 items that I had to sell. We were busy though. I cleaned out our spare room AND the closet. I also decorated for fall on the inside and planted some of my mums. I still need to through my tulips bulbs in the ground. I am excited that for once, I finally remembered to buy them. This week I plan on finishing up my outside decorating. The hubs also got rid of our office this weekend. Yeah, Welcome back 3 car garage! Hello confused blind dog. I so feel bad for disturbing his home.

We also took a trip to a neighboring town this weekend. Our friends are moving there from the Tulsa area. They are in the process of cleaning out the house they purchased and have found some AMAZING stuff! I was so fascinated going through the home with them. I am amazed at the amount of stuff the previous owners left. Incredible treasures! I am excited they are moving closer! Hopefully we will get to see more of them!


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Anonymous said...

Found you on Blog Oklahoma.

I a relatively new member as well. But I've been a CPA for years. Practiced tax at AA&Co in OKC -- then moved to Houston to practice int'l tax in industry.

Enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck as you sit for the exam.