Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am so so so horrible! I have so neglected my blog. I have just been SO busy and haven't had the time to set down. Crazy times! Here is a bit of what has been going on....

  • First we had Labor Day and we were gone out camping in the travel trailer.
  • I had food poisoning or stomach virus ALL night the night before we left on our trip. NO FUN!
  • I had my EMG done, that was NO fun. They found nothing in the test to alarm them, so I go undiagnosed for now. The doctors want to stop testing me and see if my symptoms occur again.
  • There are a few BIG deadlines coming up at work and I have been swamped!
  • I have been a cleaning/organizing freak lately around the house. I HATE clutter!
  • I have been doing alot of cooking & baking.
  • I have started selling junk on ebay again.
  • K has a boyfriend and phew, we let him come over and well, gotta stay on top of that situation. Not that I don't trust K, but they are teenagers....enough said.
  • I have applied to become an applicant for the CPA exam. I hope to take the first of 4 tests in November. Can you say FREAKED OUT!
  • I finally organized all 1000 songs on my computer and figured out how to work my ipod and itunes. I was so challenged in that area and it frustrated me!
  • Gardens and flower beds have consumed alot of my time also.
  • College football has started! Go Sooners! Go Pokes!... unless they are playing each other then it is GO SOONERS!
  • My niece ran away from home. She has been missing since August 19. I just want to cry. Secretly, I really want her to come live with us, i want to try get her set back on the right path in life. Not that my brother and sis-in-law is not doing a good job....but I just would like to try. She seems to really open up and talk to me and the hubs. Two more years of school, that's it. I have faith in her... We just have to find her!
  • I am getting ready to have a scentsy/jewelry party.... trying to plan for that.
  • Our friends just bought a house in a nearby town.... they will now be 30 minutes away vs. 2 hours away.

So basically now that I blurted out all that has been going on.... I am taking my OCD self and soaking in a HOT bath, then crawling in bed. After I have K stop GIGGLING so loud as she talks to her boyfriend. I so love high school!

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