Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Think...

I think I may have it mostly done. Done for the most part? I don't know... I will probably change the design pretty soon, as I found many more cute digital scrap booking things today. I am going to have to get another external hard drive to start storing my goodies on.

The weekend is being pretty uneventful and that is wonderful! After a quick trip to the grocery store, I have done nothing but watch football and play with my picture it program.

I am excited for tomorrow. My sis-in-law is having a scentsy party. I just LOVE scentsy! It is some awesome stuff!

I am also excited that we saw the sun today! We have had rain and clouds for around 10 days straight. This morning started out the same - RAIN - but it then turned to sun by late afternoon! YEAH!!

I promise I am not turning this into a strictly recipes only blog.... What I did today was transfer all of my other blog over to this one and then made some nifty drop down boxes for the recipes. I am going to try to still post at least one recipe a week.... we will see :)

So what do you think of the new design?



Sneaky Momma said...

Your blog is adorable! Your drop down menus look really good. I am so glad that you were helped by my tips. :)

jessicabold said...

I like the recipes...totally adorable layout. Reminds me of cupcakes for some reason...and I love cupcakes!