Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grilled Pepperoni Chicken Breasts

What you need:

4-6 chicken breasts
8-12 slices pepperjack cheese
24-36 pepperoni slices

1. Lay chicken breasts flat on counter and pound out until thin.
2. In center of chicken, place 3 pepperoni in a row.
3. Place a slice of cheese on top of the pepperoni.
4. Line 3 more pepperoni on the cheese slice.
5. Next roll the chicken like a jelly roll and place toothpick(s) through the
center to hold in place.
6. Grill the chicken until done. Cooking times vary between grills.
7. Before taking the chicken off the grill, place another slice of pepperjack cheese on top of the chicken and melt....


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